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End Of First Term.
Welcome to our newly opened school, an addition to our Dubai school which has a history of over 30 years providing high quality education.

It is our intention to be a vibrant, high achieving British curriculum school where children develop a love of learning, sports and performing arts, benefitting from the excellent tuition and additional opportunities provided by our curriculum delivered by our team of  dedicated and enthusiastic staff.

Students are encouraged to become independent learners, with a strong emphasis on the importance of local traditions and values. As Steven Covey states in his book, 'Leader In Me': "let's develop leaders, one child at a time."

At DIS the students will enjoy the luxury of learning and developing their knowledge, skills and abilities in small classes with the teachers providing a personalised, challenging and progressive curriculum for every student.

Special information sessions and pastoral activities will be held for parents and students to establish good channels of communication and celebrations to showcase the achievements of our students.

The values and concepts that guide our school are encapsulated in our Motto which actively demonstrates our commitment to every student:

"Let your light shine"

Welcome to Our School and let the Journey begin...
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Al Diyafah High School Dubai
Founded in 1982.