Mothers Day

21-Mar-2018 to 21-Mar-2018

Exams Begin

04-Mar-2018 to 08-Mar-2018

International Day

01-Mar-2018 to 01-Mar-2018

Mid Term Break

15-Feb-2018 to 18-Feb-2018

Arabic Week

11-Feb-2018 to 11-Feb-2018

Arabic Book Fair

11-Feb-2018 to 13-Feb-2018

Open Day @ 11am

27-Jan-2018 to 27-Jan-2018


22-Jan-2018 to 24-Jan-2018

Winter Holidays Commence

15-Dec-2017 to 06-Jan-2018

Report Card Day

14-Dec-2017 to 14-Dec-2017

Early Years Sports Day

12-Dec-2017 to 12-Dec-2017

Open Day

12-Dec-2017 to 12-Dec-2017

Open Day Dec 12th @ 8.30am An English curriculum school. Admissions now open for FS1- Year10

Book Fair

10-Dec-2017 to 14-Dec-2017

Martyrs' Day

30-Nov-2017 to 30-Nov-2017

Uae National Day Celebrations

29-Nov-2017 to 29-Nov-2017

Time 8.00 a.m. - 2.40 p.m. Venue: Diyafah International School.

Early Years Report Workshop

26-Nov-2017 to 26-Nov-2017

Mid Term Break

24-Oct-2017 to 28-Oct-2017

Innovation Day

19-Oct-2017 to 19-Oct-2017

Fs1 Teddy Bear Picnic

18-Oct-2017 to 18-Oct-2017

Education City Workshop

11-Oct-2017 to 11-Oct-2017

World Teachers' Day

05-Oct-2017 to 05-Oct-2017

Book Fair

03-Oct-2017 to 05-Oct-2017

Read Write Inc Parent Workshop

02-Oct-2017 to 02-Oct-2017

13th September School Starts For Fs1 And Fs2

13-Sep-2017 to 13-Sep-2017

FS1 - 8.30 am to 9.30 am ( No Buses ) FS2 - 10 am to 11.30 am ( No Buses)

12th September School Starts For Year 1 And 2

12-Sep-2017 to 12-Sep-2017

11th September School Starts For Year 3 To 6

11-Sep-2017 to 11-Sep-2017

10th September School Starts For Year 7 To 9

10-Sep-2017 to 10-Sep-2017

Office Time 8 Am To 3.30 Pm

02-Jul-2017 to 10-Aug-2017

End Of Year.

22-Jun-2017 to 22-Jun-2017

Open Day

20-Jun-2017 to 20-Jun-2017

Report Card Day

15-Jun-2017 to 15-Jun-2017

Dear Parents, Please note that Thursday June 15, 2017 will be School Report Card Day. As this falls in the holy month of Ramadan; staff will be available to meet the parents between 9 AM to 1 PM. No classes will take place this day but students are welcome to attend the parent-teacher meeting along with their parents. I take this opportunity to thank you for all your support during this academic year. Lawrence Fray Principal.

Graduation Week.

21-May-2017 to 21-May-2017

Speech Contest.

16-May-2017 to 16-May-2017

Numeracy Week.

07-May-2017 to 07-May-2017

Life Skill Of The Week Patience

30-Apr-2017 to 30-Apr-2017

Coffee Morning Yr2 € Section 5 & 6

11-Apr-2017 to 11-Apr-2017

School Reopens

09-Apr-2017 to 09-Apr-2017

World Water Day

22-Mar-2017 to 22-Mar-2017

International Week

19-Mar-2017 to 19-Mar-2017

Green Day

16-Mar-2017 to 16-Mar-2017

Character Day

13-Mar-2017 to 13-Mar-2017

Exams Year 5 To Year 9

05-Mar-2017 to 16-Mar-2017

World Book Day

03-Mar-2017 to 03-Mar-2017

International Day

02-Mar-2017 to 02-Mar-2017