World Heart Day

29-Sep-2018 to 29-Sep-2018

International Day Of Peace

21-Sep-2018 to 21-Sep-2018

Baseline Testing Cat4

16-Sep-2018 to 23-Sep-2018

Subject: English/Math/Science

Islamic New Year (national Holiday)

11-Sep-2018 to 11-Sep-2018

Parent Orientation For Fs1

05-Sep-2018 to 05-Sep-2018

Timing: 8.30 a.m.

Parent Orientation For Fs2

05-Sep-2018 to 05-Sep-2018

Timing: 11:00 am

School Starts For Years 1 And 2

04-Sep-2018 to 04-Sep-2018

Timing: 7:45 am

School Starts For Years 3 To 6

03-Sep-2018 to 03-Sep-2018

Timing: 7:45 am

Parent Orientation For Year 1 & 2

03-Sep-2018 to 03-Sep-2018

Timing: Year 1 at 8.30 a.m. Year 2 at 10.30 a.m.

Parent Orientation For Years 3 To 6

02-Sep-2018 to 02-Sep-2018

Timing: 8.30 am.

School Starts For Years 7 To 10

02-Sep-2018 to 02-Sep-2018

Timing: 7:45 am

Parent Orientation For Years 7 To 10

30-Aug-2018 to 30-Aug-2018

Timing: 8.30 am

Parent Teacher Consultation Day.

05-Jul-2018 to 05-Jul-2018

Last Day For Students.

04-Jul-2018 to 04-Jul-2018

Last day for students

Year 2 Special Assembly

02-Jul-2018 to 02-Jul-2018

Teachers Recruitment Day

30-Jun-2018 to 30-Jun-2018

Fs2 Graduation Ceremony

19-Jun-2018 to 21-Jun-2018

Eid Holiday

14-Jun-2018 to 17-Jun-2018

World Environment Day

05-Jun-2018 to 05-Jun-2018

World environment day

International Children’s Day

03-Jun-2018 to 03-Jun-2018

International children’s day

Open Day @ 11am

26-May-2018 to 26-May-2018

Year 1 End Of Topic Celebration

15-May-2018 to 15-May-2018

International Day Of Families

15-May-2018 to 15-May-2018

International day of Families

Dress Up Day

26-Apr-2018 to 26-Apr-2018

Cca Begins

17-Apr-2018 to 17-Apr-2018

School Photographs

15-Apr-2018 to 19-Apr-2018

Book Fair

09-Apr-2018 to 12-Apr-2018

Parent Teacher Consultation Day

22-Mar-2018 to 22-Mar-2018

Mothers Day

21-Mar-2018 to 21-Mar-2018

Exams Begin

04-Mar-2018 to 08-Mar-2018

International Day

01-Mar-2018 to 01-Mar-2018

Mid Term Break

15-Feb-2018 to 18-Feb-2018

Arabic Week

11-Feb-2018 to 11-Feb-2018

Arabic Book Fair

11-Feb-2018 to 13-Feb-2018