Principal's Welcome

Diyafah International School is one of the newest schools in Abu Dhabi and is seeking to provide a first class education to students and the surrounding areas, regardless of their background. Much has changed in education since the founder of Diyafah, Winnie D’Cunha created DIS’ school in Dubai 39 years ago.  Diyafah has however has never wavered from its original aim to provide a caring, safe and challenging environment in which to develop students. 
Family spirit and collaboration are ingredients that Diyafah has in abundance and we are a truly multicultural school. Diyafah International School believes in academic success, but we also believe in the development of character, resilience and self-confidence. At Diyafah International School there is a pride in the development of the whole child and the staff work hard to create an environment where everyone feels valued and supported to achieve their very best. We have seen evidence of this in school community’s response to the current pandemic. Our future depends on accepting the need to change and developing new strategies to learn in these ever-changing circumstances.
Our extensive program of extra-curricular activities encourage students actively to broaden their personal interests, develop new skills and pursue a healthy lifestyle. From the World Scholars Cup to The Peter Jones Foundation the entrepreneurial spirit will be stimulated so that students are able to commit themselves to the pursuit of excellence. Through these social and personal skills they will be able to deal with the life and the world.
As an educator from the UK with 24 years’ experience in Education I have the knowledge and enthusiasm to support the Diyafah Team and lead the staff to provide the best education to the DIS Community. During this worldwide pandemic distance learning has evolved and I am proud to say we got the highest rating in all 13 areas of ADEK’s Evaluation. In addition to this success we are introducing BTEC courses, to the current A level courses, for Years 12 & 13.  This will allow all children to engage with their chosen curriculum and provide a pathway to university or the workplace. 
Please make it a priority to introduce yourself and let’s work together to support the students in gaining the best out of their education. I feel very privileged to be the Principal of such a fabulous institution and incredibly proud of carrying forward from the previous Principals of DIS. I am so excited with being the first to preside over the fabulous new build that houses the best of facilities and allows the students to have the best in education, supported with motivated and caring staff. But don’t take my word for it, come and visit us to meet the staff and pupils and discover for yourself. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!
Mr. Ian Campbell