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At Diyafah International Nursery, our teaching is based on the 2020 English National Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and is delivered through an enriching programme, which is both multi-sensory and context play based. 
The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS) has 7 areas of learning and development:
•Personal, Social and Emotional Development
•Communication and Language
•Physical Development
•Understanding the World
•Expressive Arts and Design
The Early Years Foundation Stage Framework identifies three characteristics of effective learning. The Nursery / FS1 teachers plan activities with these characteristics in mind:  
• Learning through play (child-led learning) 
• Structured learning (adult-led learning) 
• Outdoor learning  
Nursery / FS1 students and teachers follow daily timetables which provide set times for adult-led sessions and time for children to learn through continuous provision. Nursery teachers plan for both adult-led and child-led sessions based on children’s needs and any gaps in their learning. Teachers make on-going assessments of the progress and attainment of each child and use this information to aid future planning. 
At Diyafah International Nursery we place strong emphasis on Communication and Language, Personal, Social and Emotional Development and Talking and Listening. Our FS children are exposed to well-established practices in the teaching of literacy, with an emphasis on building a strong understanding of Phonics. As well as this, the children have regular lessons in Arabic and Islamic (where applicable), and frequent visits to the FS Library, to further develop literacy skills and many opportunities for both indoor and outdoor learning.