E-learning Edition

Diyafah Internatoional School

Date: 29th May 2020

Dear Parents, Students, and Staff Welcome to The Beacon, June E-Learning Edition II. Dear Parents, Students, and Staff, Welcome to a “mega - bumper” edition of The Beacon, the last of this Academic Year 2019/20. It is not often I am speechless, as Ms. Wendy will testify (!), but in reading through this edition I simply marvel at the engagement and imagination of our students, the creativity and hard work of our teachers and the support of our parents.

This edition features pictures, hundreds of them, and articles on a whole range of topics: from
cyberbullying to making falcon-wing towers; from rainforest exploration to the Shang Dynasty; from
evocative poetry to UAE tourist brochures. To name just a few.

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